Joining with EISP

PBS and EISP are COMing together as one school from September 2018 

Two of Prague’s leading international schools, the Prague British School (PBS) and English International School Prague (EISP) are coming together as part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools.¨EISP and PBS will work together as sister schools in 2017/18. 

In September 2018 they will open as a single school with three sites.

The Principal of the new, combined school will be Mr Michael Bardsley, currently the Head of Senior Schools at PBS.



Libuš Campus

Vlastina Campus

Kamýk Campus

Libuš will will become a dedicated IGCSE and IB Centre for children aged 14 – 18 (Year 10 to Year 13). Vlastina will continue to cater for children aged 3 – 14 (Nursery – Year 9) as part of the new combined school. Kamýk will cater for children aged 2 – 14 (Pre - Nursery – Year 9) as part of the new combined school.





The Head of Libuš campus will be Caroline Troughton, current Head of Secondary and Assistant Principal for EISP. Caroline will also be the Vice-Principal of the new combined school. Paul Kurczij, the current Deputy Head of Vlastina Primary for PBS, will take on the role of Head of Vlastina Campus, which will continue to cater for children in Nursery to Year 9 as it does today. Paul Baker, the current Head of Kamýk Primary for PBS, will take on the role of Head of Kamýk Campus.


The three sites will offer the following Year Groups.

Age (before 1st Sept) Year PBS site
2 Pre Nursery*








3 Nursery
4 Reception
5 Year 1
6 Year 2
7 Year 3
8 Year 4
9 Year 5
10 Year 6
11 Year 7
12 Year 8
13 Year 9
14 Year 10




15 Year 11
16 Year 12
17 Year 13

*Kamyk only


Admissions to PBS and EISP

The Admissions departments have already joined together and our team will be happy to discuss what the integration will mean for each individual family. All members of the team work at both PBS and EISP in 2017/18.

The Admissions departments have already joined together and our team will be happy to discuss what the integration will mean for each individual family. All members of the team work at both PBS and EISP in 2017/18.

Children joining us during 2017/18 are of course welcome to join the school of choice (EISP, PBS Kamyk or PBS Vlastina), however we would recommend that families bear in mind the provision at each campus from September 2018.

Children applying to join the combined school from September 2018 or later will choose their campus based on the provision outlined above.

PBS and EISP Admissions team 2017/18


ADMISSIONS Contact details

+420 226 096 200 


Two Schools Coming Together

PBS and EISP have been neighbours for over 20 years, delivering an outstanding British international education to families in Prague. There are many similarities between the schools, such as curriculum, facilities, student and staff communities. Most importantly, the schools shared values, principles and approaches to education which have led to excellent outcomes for their students. 


The strengths of each school will be combined when the schools join together to benefit our students, parents and staff. PBS families and staff will immediately benefit from being a member of the Nord Anglia Education family and EISP families and staff will benefit from being part of a larger school community in Prague.

As we work towards bringing PBS and EISP together, students’ wellbeing and educational experience remains both schools’ top priority. After more than 20 years as neighbours and competitors, PBS and EISP can now begin preparing for a shared future for our children.